There are so many people writing blog posts and articles online that sometimes it feels overwhelming to try and start your own website or get your name out there. While this concern is a valid concern, trust me when I say there are also lots of ways you can make your content stand out to readers. You shouldn’t aim for just “content”, you’ll want to make posts that engage readers and make them feel as though they’re having a conversation with you; content that people can relate to. To help you out, I put these tips together to help you make unique content that will not only engage them, but help them connect with your posts.

Offer something exclusive

Let’s face it, everyone loves free. Research proves that consumers love being offered exclusive deals. If you’re trying to sell a product with your writing, offer limited time promotions that readers can learn about or place a discount code somewhere in your article. People are much more likely to come back and keep reading the articles you write, if you give them a tangible reason for a return visit.

Profit from weird

Weird is subjective, so let’s just say that readers like content that stands out from the rest. People are drawn to out of the ordinary facts or stories, and if you can relate it to what you do for your blog, you’ll have your readers hooked. Perhaps it’s the kid in us wanting to stay up to listen to ghost stories, but there’s a certain novelty to hearing a truly weird and unique stories that readers love.

Use strong adjectives

Instead of using common adjectives like “pretty” or “interesting” work toward using strong adjectives like “stunning” and “fascinating”. You’ll be more likely to engage people with language that is unusual. Reading the same descriptive words over and over gets boring, so spice it up a little!

Look out for trends

One of the best ways to get ahead with content is staying on top of the trends in your field. If you can offer readers information before your competition, they’ll rely on your posts to give them up-to-date news on the latest trends. And knowing first is half the battle, right? You can even hype up a product or service you like and possibly turn it into a trend yourself!

Encourage reader participation

People on social media love using things like hashtags, memes, and puppies. If you can find a way to incorporate popular trends into your content and encourage reader participation, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Ask readers to tag you or hashtag posts that relate to your content, then feature them in a follow-up post. If you have the means, you can even host a giveaway, which really engages readers.

Craft your voice

Once you find the tone you want to convey in your writing, stick with it. Try to find something that fits your personality and stands out from other writers. Find what inspires and motivates you. Maybe you want to use humor in your writing, or keep a positive and upbeat tone. You can style your voice any way you want and make it completely unique to your writing, so your readers feel as though your content is familiar and they can connect with it.