Leonard David Raymundo is an accomplished copywriter and brand consultant with a deep-seated passion for the written word.

leonardraymundo-2Leonard’s writing style is notable in that it is brief, impactful, and – above all else – interesting. He often describes it as a “visual” style, focusing on more than just the diction or grammar, but rather on how his writing factors in the content experience overall. A versatile writer, he is experienced in both long and short form copy.

Leonard entered the professional world as a technology industry employee, specializing in customer service and client relationship management. However, despite the compensation and extensive travel, he never achieved a sense of true fulfillment in his work whatsoever. As time went on, he increasingly pivoted to explore the more creative side of his personality.

Throughout his entire life, the people around Leonard David Raymundo have insisted he had a talent for writing. It became common long ago for friend and peers to ask for his help when drafting things of importance, including event invitations, important emails, and more. Before long, Leonard elevated his dedication to the craft of writing beyond his own rigorous, independent training and enrolled in a number of workshops. Shortly thereafter, a connection in the graphic design industry tapped him to write some copy. That one project snowballed, and he has since written professional full-time.

Leonard David Raymundo fully embraces the increasingly digital landscape of the copywriting world. This centers around a workflow that recognizes writing as more than just the execution of an argument or narrative, but rather a purposefully presented, well-rounded concept. Indeed, his success in the industry has hinged on his innate ability to think of himself as a designer, as well as a write, to better work collaboratively with others.

Leonard David Raymundo is sincerely passionate about his work.

Writing is unlike anything else in the world, and it is extremely rewarding to see his words and skillset valued. Real, meaningful writing is not just fulfilling internally, it is outwardly expansive (the written word crosses both space and time effortlessly now) and unique. That is, good writing cannot be easily replicated or outsourced. This adds to the sense of importance and value Leonard ascribes to his craft.

Leonard David Raymundo has served in a variety of capacities for his clients. As a brand strategist, Leonard uses his expert grasp of customer analytics to inform his approach. He has written and published website content, email marketing, brochures, catalogs, headlines, taglines, slogans, and more.

Leonard holds a Bachelor from Eastern Washington University. He formally trained under some of the best in the advertising industry at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle, where he is presently based. There, he currently holds the position of Copywriter and Creative Lead at Destination Lighting; a Seattle-based lighting company committed to offering a wide selection of products with the highest quality of service possible.

At Destination Lighting, Leonard David Raymundo is responsible for brand direction, brand story, design, and tone. He created the company’s first style guide to lead graphic design, photography, and the standards at which copy of all types should be held. In 6 months, Leonard successfully increased Destination Lighting’s Twitter and Instagram followers by 60%, and optimized engagement by 200%. He has written scripts for video shoots, blog articles to increase traffic to the company’s website, and oversaw print ads, magazine features, and email campaigns.